Frequantly Asked Questions

Why Polarplas® products are different from another brand?

The main difference are the design and the material used in the manufacturing of the product. Polarplas® products are designed for the Europen market in LLDPE, HDPE and PP. Polarplas® products are available with PU and PE foaming. Products are heavy duty and made for the Europen and American customers.

What is the difference between LLDPE and HDPE material products?

Product made from LLDPE is having the properties of flexibility, high impact strength and Product made from HDPE is having the properties of flexibility but less than LLDPE, low impact strength and high crack resistances.

What are the differences between PU and PE insulation?

PU or PUR products are insulated with injection polyurethane. PUR insulation is having high insulation property and specially made for high ambient temperature region. PE insulation is polyethylene foaming with high structural strength and heavy-duty product. PE insulation is recyclable but 60-70% lower insulation property than PUR insulated products.

What are the differences between double wall and single wall products?

Polarplas manufacturer double and single wall rotational moulded products. Double wall products are mostly with PUR / PE as insulation sandwiched between the two layers. Single wall is without any insulation.

Can we use these products to keep hot and cold items?

Yes, all our products can be used for hot and cold application. The product can withstand -50 c to +100 C

What is the minimum and maximum capacity of the products?

15 Liter to 1610 Liter.

What do you mean by fit-for-food products?

3F means you can directly keep food in our containers as it is made from fit-for-food materials

What are the end use application and segments?

Our Insulated containers are used in Dairy & Ice Cream, Meat & Poultry segment, Fish & Aqua culture, Retails, Pharmaceutical Application etc.

Is the product recyclable?

Yes our product can be recyclable as it is made from virgin material.

Can we get internal and external party product test certificate?

Yes we will provide internal test certificate & External test certificate (Chargeable basis).

How do you find the quality of the product?

What is the durability and life of the tubs?

What is the durability and life of the tubs?

Does this product withstand +50 C to -50C ambient temperature?

Yes, Our product withstand +50 C to -50C ambient temperature tested in house testing lab.

Are these products safe from UV radiation?

Yes, as we use UV Stabilised material so our products are safe from UV Radiation.

Can this product come with vending and plain lids?

Yes, our major product are available with Vending & Palin Lid for more details you can refer our website product images

Are these products available with and without drains?

Yes, our products are available with & without drains (*Terms and conditions applied)

Is this product available with and without lid?

Yes, all products are available with lid and without lid

In how many colours these products are available?

Beige, Red, White, Japan Blue, Coco Cola Red, Pepsi Blue, Yellow, Orange

Can I buy or get spare accessories with the product?

Yes, spare accessories can be ordered with the product

What will be the average deliver time?

The delivery time of the product depend upon model, quantity and other specification. In normal case it will be 1-2 weeks.