Think Green & Live Green

We at Polarplas are serious about the products we manufacture, technology in use, usage of natural resources and the implication of all this on the environment we strive to make better. Our holistic approach considers the environmental implications of the products we sell to our customers.

We support our customers with easy access to any informa­tion they might need on the sustain­ability of our products and supply chain by offering product declarations and environmental data for most of our products.

In-House steps to save the environment

Diesel to Eco-friendly Fuel – PNG

Rain Water Harvesting System

Environmentally Friendly LED Lights

Max. Use of Day Light to Save Energy

We support in sustainability

Assessing the environmental impacts of the products

Implementing responsible sourcing

Reducing, recycling and reusing waste

Increasing the efficiency of production processes

Responding to customer requests and informing brand owners about the environmental choices that are available to them

Developing new products and services

Optimizing logistics

Dispose waste in more environmental friendly process

Helping customer to recycle damaged products

Manufacturing process with zero pollution in air, water, noice and land