Company in brief a sister concern of Seaplast (India) Private Limited, is into manufacturing of various plastic products using rotational and injection moulding technology. Polarplas® products are exclusively designed and manufactured for the export market to cater to the specific requirement in product durability, deformation and quality supply.

Polarplas® products includes double wall insulated fish bins, ice box, pallets, plastic body refrigerated products, industrial crates, automotive parts, and custom moulded products as per customer requirements. The products usage and application are numerous like but not limited to retention of the inside product temperature, whether it is cold or hot, in-line processing, on and off board handling of cold products, long duration storage and transportation, preservation and material handling. The products are designed, innovated, developed, manufactured, with the highest quality standards and best in class knowledge, experiences and working closely with the customers.

Polarplas® products are designed to perform in the harshest condition of sub-Sahara environment to withstand the extreme cold weather of North America. Polarplas® products are available with double wall insulation injecting the PE and PU foaming. The products are available in LLDPE or HDPE raw material.