Our Brands

Seaplast® India established in 1996 is a leading global supplier of rotational moulded plastic double wall insulated bins and containers, single wall bins, plastic body refrigerated freezers and chiller, pallets, automotive parts, custom moulded plastic products and injection moulded products. Our products are used for storage, transportation, logistics, inventory management, processing plants, off & on road automotive industry and across a wide range of end user’s industries like dairy, Ice-cream, seafood, aquaculture, meat, poultry, retail, catering, road safety, pharmaceuticals, vehicles etc.

Seaplast® is acknowledged as a leading plastic company in the design and manufacture of rotational moulded plastic insulated products and injection moulded products for both packing and non-packing applications. We manufacture and deliver products with PUR and PE insulation as well as without insulation in single and double walls. Our customers include large multinational companies, export-oriented food companies to small ice-cream vendors, fishermen and retailers. Our products are exported to customers across the globe through our wide network of agents and distributors present across the world.

More details on the company, product offering and other details can we found out in the website www.seaplastindia.com.

KooLBooX® range of products are designed and manufactured for the highly demanding and growing segment of retail  distribution   and  storage. Retail segment usage      application differ from the tradition business.

KooLBooX® products are used to keep perishable and weather sensitive products in the ideal condition in extreme ambient temperature. KooLBooX® products are lite weight, easy to carry and lift, and made to preserve the inside products in cold or hot temperature. The PUR (Polyurethane) foam sandwiched between the walls of the box gives the products good isothermal properties, sturdiness, and strength.

KooLBooX® products are used in various application which demands lite weight, ergonomic and temperature retention. KooLBooX® products are value for money and satisfies customer need of maintenances of product quality. More details on the products and range can be found in the link Koolboox Bins